Child Sexual Abuse Sentence

Submitted By: Liz Cooper,

A man who led multiple young girls to believe he was a youth group leader, and then took advantage of that trust will spend at least 13 years in prison. James Jaure was a janitor at Highland Park Church when the assaults took place. Authorities say that's also where some of the assaults happened. Two victims under the age of 16 and their parents addressed the court this afternoon. Some of them referring to Jaure as a monster and a liar. Judge Wilking agreed with the victims and their families, when they said he acted in..."a predatory manor and took advantage of the young girls trust." Jaure also addressed the court saying, there's not a lot to say.... and quote...."I won't do it again." Judge Wilking pointed out from the victims statements, a large amount of pain, but a great amount of strength Jaure didn't take from them. Jaure's three charges of sexual abuse of a minor will run concurrent.