NOLS Instructors From Around the Globe Unite

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 Nearly 200 Field Instructors with the National Outdoor Leadership School are in Lander this week. Some instructors traveled half way across the globe to take part in the week long faculty summit.

Crossing the Little Popo Agie River is just one of the challenges these instructors with the National Outdoor Leadership School will face this week.

"We're practicing different methods that we have established for crossing rivers when there is no bridge," said Drew Leemon, the Risk Management Director for NOLS. "

And it's work shops like this, that will take place all week long, that allow instructors to come together and share ideas.

"We've got some presentations and workshops from some of our alumni, some of our faculty themselves, some staff. And just give people a chance to swap ideas and tell stories and learn from each other," Leemon said.

With faculty located across the globe, they see this gathering as an opportunity to learn something new to take back to their outdoor classrooms.

"I like to try new methods, learn and see how they work and what we can apply in our courses and have more variety of what we can actually teach our students in courses," said Mauricio Inostroza, the Assistant Director for NOLS Patagonia.

This will also serve as motivation for the upcoming summer semester.

"This was an effort to try and bring people together, celebrate their successes, inspire them as they go into our summer season to have great courses," Leemon said.  

Despite the fact that NOLS instructors and students come from different backgrounds, a special bond is created every time they come together.

"What I really appreciate and I really like from NOLS is we come from different countries and different places and we have one thing in common, that is the outdoors," Inostroza said.

The instructors will also hear an inspirational speech from the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.