Arapahoe Charter HS Students Build Rec Center

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 Students at Arapahoe Charter High School are making a difference in their community. Since the beginning of the school year, they've put together a recreation center for fellow students and their families to go to.

What started off as dream to Arapahoe Charter High School Staff members and students, is becoming a reality.

"They found an idea they wanted to get done and put it all together to give the kids at school here an ultimately all of Arapaho to have some place to go," said Mel Miller, Principal of Arapahoe Charter High School.

The new and only recreation center in Arapahoe  takes the place of what used to be an old and empty gymnasium. With the efforts of students and staff, they were able to pull funds together and transform the gym into something more.

"The first thing we started off with was the top floor," said Anthony Oldman, a co-founder for the recreation center. "We installed two pool tables and air hockey. Just a recreation room for students to hang out and chill."

Students say a recreation center like this, is exactly what the reservation needed.

"It's something to do that's drug and alcohol free, which we have on this reservation," said Micah Lott, a senior at Arapahoe Charter High School. "There's a lot of drug problems and drug dependency and stuff like that. So it's something to get away from drugs and alcohol."

Others say it gives their minds some rest during the busy school days.

"This is real good because we get restless in class and the other kids get restless but after we have rec, we're usually pretty calm when we go back, so it's good," said Josh Monroe, who is in his final year at Arapahoe Charter High School.

Some of the students involved in putting the recreation center together are graduating this month, but their younger peers are looking forward to dedicating their time in expanding the rec center.

"I want to see more stuff happening, like with athletics," said Jenea Mandan, a freshman at Arapahoe Charter High School. "I want to get more basketballs and maybe a volleyball net, for people that can't do sports at the high school but come here."  

Even though the recreation center has come a long way since last fall, students and staff say they still have a lot of work ahead of them.

"It's going to continue to go. We're going to be painting walls, replacing the floor, it's going to be a very nice facility when we're done" says Principal Mel Miller.