Suspected Armed Bank Robbers Face Fed. Court

by Andrew Lofholm,  
The two suspects from yesterday's armed bank robbery and high speed chase, made their first appearance this morning in Federal Court.  They are being processed  there because the FBI believes the suspects have robbed other banks and crossed state lines.  
Thirty-eight-year-old James Thain and 34-year-old Mindy Lawrence are facing charges of bank robbery and aiding and abetting.  Thain also faces a gun charge.
Laramie PD say they are from Utah, and are also suspected of robbing the US Bank there on Monday.  
Yesterday, they allegedly robbed the Bank of the West on Wyoming Boulevard in Casper around 11:30 in the morning.  Casper PD says an astute citizen witnessed the robbery and followed the suspects black Nissan Altima, while on the phone with police, which led to officers intercepting the suspect's rental car around Kelly Walsh High School, prompting the high speed chase, that ended in an alley near 12th and McKinley.  

They are expected to face the Federal Court in Cheyenne, in 3 days.