Andrew's Bill Hurdles First Obstacle

Submitted by Xavier Walton:

In the early stages of this years legislature we've been following Senate File 30, the Compensation Bill very closely.  K2 Xavier Walton has been leading our coverage from top to bottom and has the latest on the bill that some people are now referring to as Andrew's Bill.
Lets get right to the numbers starting with 30 - this time bringing new meaning not just the senate file, but the number of votes it received.

Upon introduction the Compensation Bill went before the Senate where it was unanimous, getting 30 ayes, so that's yes, and zero nays for no.

"It's a start in the right direction by the state of Wyoming," said Andrew Johnson, Wyoming exoneree.

A start to a long journey all in pursuit of payment.  Here's a look at what obstacles Andrews bill faces.  Starting in the Senate, needing not just a majority, but a 2/3 vote- check.  Next up is the Senate Judiciary Committee followed by the floor for three readings.  From there, Andrew's Bill crosses over to the house.  Next up the House Judiciary Committee followed by three more readings on the House floor.  But after that, the fate of Andrew's Bill weighs on our governors shoulders. He can make it happen.

"In anything you do, the first one through…he's got to deal with all the changes," said Johnson.

And that's what Andrew is hoping for- change.  Right now the way its drawn up the bill calls for $75 a day, 30 thousand a year with a max of 10 years and a cap at $300,000.

"The balls is their park," said Johnson.

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