Skype Interview with Vilonia Resident


Before we got started I asked Whitney are you and John Shrable close.

If you read her lips she says "Oh yeah" and then gives the signal.

Last night, like most in Vilonia, AR, Whitney Dixon was forced from here home, which is partly why she is Skyping from the confines of her car.

"We got in the safe room, couldn't really here the tornado from where we were, but it did hit very close.  I think there was some damage like a half a mile away," said Whitney Dixon Vilonia resident.

Whitney's town is one of the hardest hit.  She's a teacher, but at this point she is still unaware of how her students are doing.

"It was just constant - like this person's house is gone - this person is okay, but there house is gone.   And as a teacher hoping that all my students are okay. i haven't heard about all of them yet, but i've heard that some are okay. i've seen that some are tweeting things so i know that they are okay," said Dixon.

Whitney said her school was fortunate as some schools fell victim to the tornado.

"There is a new school, an intermediate school- $12 million dollar project that was set to open.  It's not completely destroyed all the way to the ground, but I don't know how much is salvageable," added Dixon.

According to the Faulkner County PIO there are 10 confirmed deaths including eight adults and two children.

For all Whitney knows neither of the two children are her students.  She says for now it's a waiting game.

"It's a waiting game.  Ya know hand out water and food to those that don't have a place right now or maybe start the physical clean up," said Dixon.

Reporting on the biggest tornado outbreak of the year, I'm Xavier Walton K2 News.