Summer Scam Alert


It starts with a scammer trying to rent out a dead woman's house when it's actually for sale.  We wanted to see if this deal was too good to be true, but what we got was a bunch of phone numbers that didn't add up.

424 area code meaning Los Angeles- no answer.  We look up the house online, find another listing this time on hot pads but with a different number- 347 area code, that's Brooklyn.

They didn't answer ...  After several phone calls all we got was the run around.  That is until Friday July 18th.

"Look who just texted me Kathryn Mills, it says the house is still available and kindly contact me here"

Remember the house is for sale not for rent.  Her response was a list of requirements followed by a rental application leaving her to believe she was closing in on her latest scam.  The security deposit is $675. Is that correct? Yes. Okay and I send that money to you via? Ummm send the money through money gram.  I'm sorry I couldn't understand you where do I send it? Send it to money gram.

What makes it even worse is all along she's using a dead woman's name.

Hello? Hello. Kathryn is that you? Yes how's it going.  I've been better. I'm at the house now and there's a for sale sign, i thought we were renting out the house?

Did you get the first email when I told you the house was on the market for sale but I told you once i rent it I'd take it off the market?

So you're saying it's going to be taken off the market when i rent it. I'm confused?

I sent you two emails. I sent you an email that the house is on the market.  I sent you an email about the showing and also that the house is on the market for sale.  I sent that email also with requirements. I sent you two emails.

You could hear it in her voice she knows her jig is up and Todd the agent has a question to ask.

Kathryn whats your real name...Kathryn...are you there?