F. Co. Builds Berm for Anticipated Flood Waters

 Victoria Fregoso reports, vfregoso@k2tv.com

 Efforts to stop potential flooding in Fremont County have already begun. County, state and tribal agencies are working together to build a berm that could save homes and highways from the anticipated flood waters.

 It's a race against time and mother nature for tribal, state and county agencies here in Fremont County.

"We're trying to stay ahead of the game," said Don Detimore, Maintenance Supervisor for WYDOT. "It's kind of a race right now. If we can get this work done before high water."

WYDOT and Fremont County trucks began hauling large rocks, and dirt from miles away early Tuesday morning.

These materials will be used to build a berm along Left Hand Canal, a canal that sits just past the Big Wind River.

"We've got a couple of weak spots in the secondary river  channel on the Big Wind. And we're going to try and armor those areas."

If flooding does occur, the water could flow over into the canal, but the berm could stop those flood waters from reaching near by homes.

"This Left Hand Ditch Canal could impact this service road which is built as a dike to protect these out lying areas here, which are not only homes and properties, but also Wyoming 137 and Wyoming 789."

There are a lot of homes and highways just beyond the Big Wind River. And due to prior flooding experience, these agencies have decided to take this proactive approach.

"A lot of this stuff we're looking at right now is stuff that we encountered back when we had the floods in '94, '95 and '96, in this same area."

Water levels are expected to rise through Friday. But with some cooler temperatures thrown in the forecast, it will slow down the potential flood waters, giving agencies more time to prepare.

"The main stem of the high waters, we're probably not going to see for a while because we are looking at some cool down for a couple of days."

It will take up to one week to haul all of the materials to the work sights and up to two weeks to complete the berm.