Weather Outlook for Fremont County

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

Water flowing along the Big and Little Wind Rivers are calm right now.
But it's what happens in our forecast over the next few days that can change this this steady flowing water, into a roaring river.

"Starting on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and possibly into Tuesday, we are looking into getting up into possibly the lower 80's," said Reid Wolcott, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Which meteorologists say will lead to snow melt in the Wind River Mountains, which is currently 300% of normal for this time of year. But they do raise this important point...

"It doesn't matter how much, it matters how the snow actually melts."

There is more snow in the mountains in comparison to last year. And just like last year, we are expecting three consecutive days of warm weather over 70 degrees which will cause a significant amount of snow melt. But there is one thing meteorologists aren't seeing the forecast, that played a role in speeding up last year's snow melt.

"This year, we're looking at a much larger than normal snow pack, but we're not forecasting any rain at this time to fall on top of that snow which will help mitigate the issues."

Weather systems from the Pacific Ocean hit the state later in the year than usual.

"This year, we've had quiet a few come through in May and late May which has significantly added to our snow pack and also given us a lot of rain here in the basin."

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service began taking a closer look at the snow pack in late April and early May.
Since then, they've applied what they learned from last year's flood to communicate with emergency management teams.
They've even created a Facebook page for the public.

"People can post pictures of the snow that's been falling around their area, the rain, if you've got severe weather you can post that on there. It's just a different avenue for us to get information and for us to get information out to the public."