Residents Protest Liquor Store Parking Lot

By Taylor Viydo, 

A group of Casper residents are protesting the proposed construction of a liquor store parking lot. 

Vintage Bar and Poplar Wine & Spirits is seeking to build the lot on a piece of property it owns near the corner of Collins and Boxelder in Casper.  Currently, the land has an empty home on it. Mike Reid, who owns the business, says that his current parking lot is too small, and he wants to have his customers park in the proposed lot rather than on the street. 

But a handful of neighboring residents aren't so pleased. "We want our neighborhood to stay safe," said protester Barbra Morales, "we feel that if this does come, we're going to have bottles, we'll have drunk people coming...our safety is going to be at stake." 

Reid said in response that there has "never been a fight" at his bar and he "never had an issue" with the police. 

A city council meeting discussing the issue will be held this Tuesday at 6pm.