Rebuilding America One Stitch At A Time

Jeff Schuman reports,

"It's so easy to remember everything that happened that day," FDNY Ladder 173 John Wallis said.

It's a day that forever changed the lives of millions.

"I recall with great clarity where I was, what I was doing and what I was thinking. That is the significance of that day," Governor Matt Mead said.

It's a day that still haunts many.

"Very emotional. It's hard to talk about sometimes," Wallis said.

But a single flag is evidence that the nation is resilient, strong and will continue to grow as one.

"It was about 50% destroyed when we found it hanging on the building of 90 West St.," New York Says Thank You Director Jill Adkins said. "The goal of the flag is to take it around to all 50 states to empower the American people."

The 9/11 flag tour is restoring the flag by stitching in fabric from American flags that will be retired in all 50 states. While it helps some cope with tragedy nearly 10 years later, it equally honors so many that were lost.

"Doing this helps keep the memory of the guys that we lost that day and also the citizens who just went to work to do their job and never came home," Wallis said.

Wyoming is the 27th state to stitch it's mark into American history. And although it may just be a piece of fabric...

"It's a reminder that we should never forget what happened that day."