Downtown Cheyenne Revitalization Ahead

Jeff Schuman reports,

A $1 million grant sets downtown Cheyenne property up for redevelopment and revitalization.

"It's truly an exciting day for the Cheyenne community," Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen said.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presented the capitol city with a hefty check that will be used to address several issues with downtown property. By addressing the issues now, the city can assess what needs to be done to prepare various buildings for developers. And with this comes a plethora of benefits for the downtown area.

"Improving the environment while inspiring redevelopment. Addressing storm water retention and filtration while adding green space. Reducing flooding potential to encourage investment," Cheyenne planning service director Matt Ashby said.

Among many things the $1 million grant will be used for includes the clean-up process and the expansion of the Dinneen building on 17th and Pioneer, which will in turn bring more business to the downtown area.

"It's going to be a historic building that's going to be brought back to life through our redevelopment and revitalization efforts thus attracting more folks to come to downtown Cheyenne as well," Kaysen said.

And the possibilities to go along with the Dinneen building are endless.

"I think it's going to provide an excellent area for development of downtown because we have an opportunity to have new retail and commercial office space available. I think a new restaurant in our downtown district would encourage individuals to come to downtown," said executive director Christie DePoorter, Downtown Development Authority.

In all, 214 communities around the country will prosper from the Brownsfields grant. This now opens the doors for Cheyenne to create jobs and investment opportunities in the downtown area.