Remember the Titans Coach Speaks in Riverton

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 High school football coach, turned motivational speaker Herman Boone stopped in Riverton to spread his message on diversity.

Just 40 years ago, Coach Herman Boone, who was portrayed in the Disney film "Remember the Titans" faced the challenge of uniting a Virginia high school football team  infested with racial tension.

Little did he know, years later, he would speak about his experience and use it inspire others.

"I got up, I did my job, I took care of my family. And little did I know, that someone was watching me and watching what I did and what I stood for and what I believed in."

Coach Boone has spoken in every single state in the U-S and this week, he's encouraging attendees of the Governor's Workforce Summit to embrace diversity.

"It is important that we all celebrate our diversity, rather than make our diversity a problem to be solved."

Nearly 250 business owners and innovators from across the state will be able to apply Coach Boone's message to their lives.

"We're really trying to thread not only an inspirational message to our participants, but really some practical things they can take back and use in their daily lives as they face challenges regarding recruitment, retention, maybe those kinds of things," Joan Evans, Director of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services said.

Despite the fact that Coach Boone's story took place in Alexandria Virginia, his experience also applies to situations here in Wyoming.

"We are the equality state and I think that he can provide a message that's important to all of us in the work place and how we deal with day to day situations and just how we execute our own personal behavior when interacting with others in the work place," said Lynn Welker with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

Directors with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services believes that it is important now, more than ever for these business leaders to come together and learn from one another.

"Unemployment rate is essentially, as high as it's ever been in the state. And the ability to provide those workers  to train and meet the needs of our employers is a huge opportunity for us all," said Jon Conrad, Chairman for the Wyoming Workforce Development Council.