NCHS Class Murals in Danger

by Taylor Viydo, 


Natrona County High School is in the initial stage of planning a remodel, and that means tearing down a unique part of the school's history. 

Since 1983, each class at NCHS has painted a mural on the hallways near the school's cafeteria. The murals depict events in history ranging from politics, to pop culture, and even the school's own history. In total, there are around 570 individual paintings on the murals spanning three decades. 

The school is currently in the planning and design phase of a remodel, that would require walls to be torn down which display a majority of the murals. Alumni and staff alike have voiced their concern about the class paintings possibly being no more. “We have 30 years of murals, with a lot of emotional attachment,” art teacher Pat Hopkins said, “There have been so many people that have viewed these murals; it's become a very integral part of our building.” 

Although NCHS is devoted to remodeling the school, they are also committed to preserving the murals as best they can. “I have a keen interest in keeping these murals alive,” said Principal Dean Kelly, “maybe in a different media, maybe in a different place. But they will always be a part of our building.” 

Suggested methods of preserving the murals include saving them onto vinyl or making a documentary.