Pet Tip Tuesday- Nail Cutting

Dr. Megan Okes joins us with our Pet Tip Tuesday. This weeks topic is nail cutting.




What do I need to trim my pets’ toenails?

-          Toenail trimmers – 4 types available: pliers-type, loop, large human clippers (cats and puppies), grinders

-          Quick-stop powder (can use corn starch in a pinch)

-          Extra pair of hands


How do I know how short to cut?

-          2 parts to toenails: hard outer shell and inner quick with blood vessels

-          White nails = easy because you can SEE the pink quick

-          Black toenails = trim when nail curves downward

-          LOOK at cut end – black spot in center is close to the quick


How do I cut them?

-          Take small pieces off the ends (especially black nails)

-          Quick motions

-          Squeeze toes to extend cat nails


My pet HATES to have their nails trimmed- what can I do?

-          Play with their feet

-          Routine nail trims

-          Comfortable environment and positioning


How often should nails be trimmed?

-          Depends on lifestyle

-          If very long quicks, need trimming every 3-4 weeks to shorten the quicks