Senator Enzi Not Attending GOP Convention

Submitted 7/19/16

In a written statement to K2TV, Senator Mike Enzi's office tells K2TV that Enzi will be in Wyoming instead of Cleveland, Ohio for the Republican National Convention.

Enzi is one of many party leaders not attending the convention, but unlike some, his decision has nothing to do with Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump.

Senator John Barrasso is representing the Wyoming Congressional Delegation as Republican Party Platform chair, and spoke at the convention Monday afternoon.
Here is the full statement from Senator Enzi's Press Secretary, Max D'Onofrio:

"Sen. Enzi will be in Wyoming during the convention, but the delegation is already being represented there. Sen. Enzi tries to spend as much time as he can in Wyoming and he doesn’t have a formal role in the convention. He’s always asked not to be a delegate so that the party members doing the grassroots work can be delegates. 

His decision not to attend had nothing to do with who the nominee is. Sen. Enzi has already announced his support for Donald Trump. Senator Enzi has said that you don't become a success in business without weathering the downs. American business is having a down with the worst job report in years. Under President Obama Senator Enzi expects that it will get worse not better. We don’t want more of the same. The other party’s candidate doesn't know business. They know how to spend money, but not where it comes from. It would be good to have someone who understands jobs and the economy.

Senator Enzi would also like to point out that while people are writing about who is and who isn't going to the convention, Congress has been getting a lot of work done such as the passage of a major bill to stop deaths from overdose abuse of pain killers (the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act) and the reauthorization of bipartisan FAA legislation that will increase airport security while it makes things more passenger friendly. That was just this week, in addition to ongoing work in education, defense, health care and other areas."