Patch the Pit Wants New Family

At first glance you may find Patch intimidating… Johnnie Ramirez, a Kennel Tech at the Casper Humane Society says people tend to be afraid of him.. 

But his bark, is bigger than his bite. At eighty pounds, Sallie Reinhart, the President of the Board at the shelter says Patch is all heart.

Patch has been calling the Casper Humane Society home for the past three years, and Reinhart says he is now the resident with the most seniority.

He was surrendered by his family after moving in to an apartment complex that didn't allow vicious breed dogs, an all too familiar battle among pit bull owners.  

Like any pit bull patch is full of energy, and he loves passing the time with a good game of fetch.

But what he enjoys even more than his tennis ball, and splashing around in his kiddy pool, is cuddling. 

All Patch wants is a family to love him as unconditionally as he will love them, but after years of sharing the love with numerous dogs at the shelter, Patch want's all of it to himself, because he doesn't get along well with other animals.  

Smart, gentle, and loyal words people don't typically hear when describing a pit, but patch fits the description perfectly, and he's looking for a new home.