Housing Market Could be taking Positive Turn

Submitted By: Stephanie Chavez  

If you think the crash in the  housing market here in wyoming…only took off in the last year…industry forecasters say it's been with us since 2007, but since the housing bust 9 years ago the rest of the country has slowly been recovering. The market here in wyoming is seeing a bit of a different trend and experts say it's due to the oil and energy layoff's. For sale signs seem to be popping up around the Oil City but Steve Freel, a real estate agent for Real Estate Leaders says the number of houses on the market are actually down, because people tend to be worried about selling their houses in a down economy. However Chad Steinert, the real estae manager at hilltop national bank tells us the economy is not as doom and gloom as people may think, he adds the increase in millennials entering the housing market, is going to send the market in a positive direction.