Hail Damage: Is It Covered?

by Taylor Viydo, tviydo@k2tv.com 


Residents in Cheyenne are recovering after Tuesday night's storm that resulted in golf-ball sized hail denting cars and damaging planes at the airport. In Casper, one car dealership has been forced to liquidate their inventory due to hail damage as well. 

Now, some are asking if standard insurance covers damage from hail storms? 

"Most people, if they have comprehensive coverage on their auto policy, are going to have coverage." said Allstate Agent Deedee Lore. "The problem that they will run into, is that everyone who fixes cars is going to be overwhelmed. So, it might be a while before things are repaired."  

Hail storms show no forgiveness to homes as well, and it's important that homeowners inspect their property after a storm and determine whether or not to file a claim. "Most home insurance will cover damage from the hail," said Lore. "[The policy] will cover damage from branches...if they've poked holes in the roof or broken windows, those will be covered." 

Since hail damage can't be predicted, the best defense against hail is talking to an insurance agent. "What [people] need to do is call their agent and review their policy," said Lore. "It's better to get it done ahead of time, then get it done after a claim to find out 'Oh, I don't have that coverage." 

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association says the damage from Tuesday's storm in Cheyenne is expected to reach over $10 million.