Sheridan Standoff

Submitted on September 1, 2016, By: Matthew Seedorff,
    On Wednesday evening police responded to a domestic violence situation along Broadway Street in Sheridan, WY.  The scene quickly escalated, leading to a standoff that's continued into Thursday night.  According to reports, a 32 year-old man has barricaded himself within a home.  The suspect is believed to be armed with a fully automatic machine gun.  Neighbors surrounding the home have been forced to evacuate, some even leaving important medicine and pets behind.  Police say that they believe the suspect is under the influence of meth, so they hope when he sobers up, the negotiating will be successful.  Witnesses tell K2TV that electricity, and gas have been shut off from area near the standoff.  Authorities hope to end the situation as quickly and peacefully as possible.

The Sheridan Press provided pictures for this story: