Casper Hotel Bouncing Checks?

Submitted by: Matthew Seedorff,, October 3, 2016
  A K2TV exclusive investigation regarding a Casper Hotel, possibly bouncing paychecks.  Numerous Parkways Plaza Hotel employees past and present, reached out to K2TV, saying that their paychecks have been bouncing.  According to CRU Property Management, the owners of the hotel, "There's times when cash will fluctuate.  Unfortunately, our company policy is to not discuss past employees.  With that being said, all of our employees have been paid for."  An anonymous source provided K2TV, a document from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, stating there was a "lack of funds in the account."  Throughout the past few weeks, many employees have quit, or been released from the Parkway Plaza.  Current employee Felicia Dickerson warns, "If you're going to work there, you at least need to have a heads up, that your check might not cash."