NCSD Attendance Policy Controversy

Submitted by Matthew Seedorff, October 10, 2016,
  For the past few weeks, parents of students in Natrona County, have voiced their disapproval of this year's new attendance policies.  According to the policy, students are allotted 5 parent excused absences, and an additional 5 unexcused absences, before action may be taken against a student.  Many parents have argued that the rules are vague, and don't work for certain students.  A petition was organized and signed by hundreds of parents demanding change to the new rules.  In a meeting Monday night, the NCSD listened to the upset parents.  At the conclusion of the meeting, multiple parents chose to leave abruptly.  The district says they are listening to the complaints, and are working on a resolution.  As of Monday night, the next scheduled meeting to discuss the issue, has not been publicly announced.