Wyoming Sends Highway Patrol Officers to Pipeline

Submitted: 10/26/16

By: Phillip Benotti

It's a continuing fight over the pipeline in North Dakota. For months now, protestors have gained national attention in the roughrider state and now the state wants to call in reinforcements for security in the area. One of the states that was asked for help, is Wyoming and the state responded. And the governor is now dispatching highway patrol officers through November 8th. And some native tribes aren't too happy with the decision.

"So I see that there's a misconception of what really we're focusing on" Says Yufna Soldierwolf, a Northern Arapaho Historical Preservation Officer. "Are we focusing on protecting the water and protecting the citizens of the state, or are we protecting big oil industries? That's the biggest question"

Governor Mead quick to respond, releasing this statement "A neighbor state asked for help and Wyoming answered the call. Someday we made need their help....The Dakota Access pipeline has no impact on Wyoming and we have not taken a stance on this issue."

Some of the tribes protesting the pipeline, living right here in Wyoming, and been protesting since the very beginning.

"You're basically sending the wrong message of, we're not important" Says Soldierwolf. "What we have to do and what we have to contribute as a tribe to the state and to the federal agencies. is basically saying that we're not equal, and in the state of Wyoming, we're supposed to be the equality state, that's not the message that you're sending"

Governor Mead says that this is a way of one state helping another and that if Wyoming was in trouble, that out state would get the same consideration. But who knows how long these protests will continue.