Terminal Cancer Patient Has One Wish

Submitted by Matthew Seedorff, November 4th 2016, mseedorff@k2tv.com
     For most of the 2016 summer, 59 year-old Willa Green helped her friend Tom Witten ride his horse from Kentucky, to Colorado, raising awareness for wounded Veterans and leukemia.  After returning to Douglas, WY, Willa was met with some devastating news of her own, she was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.  Willa's world spun out of control.  She began to think of her bucket list, including the thought of marriage.  Tom Witten had been married five previous times, but knew that was Willa's wish.  Eventually, the two exchange rings, and say, "I do".  Despite her terminal cancer, Willa now says she's "happy".

    Willa knows that a second item on her bucket list might be equally challenging.  However, in the remaining weeks, she'd still like to somehow meet American actor Sam Elliot.