Ex Employee Threatens Riverton Walmart Employees

Submitted: 11/14/16 By: Phillip Benotti

At around 3pm Sunday at Walmart. when it's usually pretty crowded, that's when authorities say and ex-employee walked into the store with 2 knives and a loaded AK-47 in his car. The suspect identified as Dean Niedo, who was recently fired.

Officers were notified by the anonymous caller that Niedo was posting cryptic messages on Facebook and that's how they knew about the weapon, and when they were in the parking lot, they found his vehicle with an AK-47 and multiple loaded magazines

"They went inside and they had a picture of Dean from dispatch." Captain Eric Murphy, of the Riverton Police Department Said. "They observed Dean Niedo standing at the customer service area by the bathrooms. They approached him, and as the officers approached him, they could see that he had at least 2 knives on him."

Officers saying one knife in his pocket, a small folding knife. And a larger knife that they say was tactically attached to his back underneath a hooded sweatshirt. One knife was obtained but once the officers tried to handcuff Niedo, a fight broke out.

"During the fight, that officer ended up, kind of not at the bottom of the pile, but when you fight somebody things get twisted around and stuff" Murphy Said. "Dean Niedo, ended up on the officer's back and was starting to reach around in a manner where he thought he was trying to grab his weapon"

Niedo was eventually tased and detained, and no officers were hurt. Authorities say Niedo wouldn't talk about any of his intentions to use his weapons. Niedo was charged with interference of a peace officer, but more charges are expected to come.

"So just from being a police officer, I think terroristic threats may be a good one be something like that, reckless endangering certainly could be in there, something like that" Said Murphy. "He's not looking at felony charges or anything like that, but certainly it rises to something much more than resisting arrest"

Thankfully, none of the weapons were ever used and no use of deadly force was needed. And that the quick actions of the Riverton police are what really made the difference in the case.