Parkway Plaza Investigation

Submitted by: Matthew Seedorff,, November 15, 2016
   Back in October former and current employees at the Parkway Plaza Hotel in Casper, reached out to K2TV regarding "bad checks".  According to these workers, their paychecks were bouncing.  Weeks later, and K2TV continues to receive complaints from employees at the Plaza, and businesses that work with the Hotel.  One of those businesses, Cowboy Chemical, says their check bounced, before they were given a cashier's check.
    Russell Reddick, the Hotel's former Chief of Security, also reached out to the K2 News.  Reddick says he had to quit working for the company, because of the "bad checks", and for what he describes as a "hostile working environment".  
    Multiple anonymous current and former employees claim, that as a result of the bad checks, the chemicals used to clean sheets and dishes were shutoff at the hotel.  One person even said, the situation lasted for roughly a "day and a half", and the "head chef lied about it" to the Health Department.  According to the Health Department, they followed up on an "anonymous tip", and "everything in the hotel was up to code."
    Currently,  the Parkway Plaza Hotel is up for consideration on being Casper's new Convention Center.  If certain "bench marks" are met by December 20, the city would move forward in the process, possibly allocating five million dollars towards improving infrastructure around the Hotel.
    KTWO-TV has reached out to the owners of the Parkway Plaza for a statement, however we have been unable to get in touch with them directly.