Neighborhood Upset Over Snow Drifts

Submitted by: Matthew Seedorff,, January 13, 2017

One neighborhood in South Casper is still digging out, weeks after a Christmas storm dumped just 6 inches of snow.  Two days after Christmas, hurricane force winds caused snow drifts between 6 and 10 feet along Boots Drive.  Many homeowners say it was so bad, they couldn't get to or leave their homes for days.  Romain Jackson, a Casper Native, says he's never seen anything like it before.

After our exclusive story aired last week, multiple homeowners reached out to us, with similar concerns.  One family along Boots Drive says, Drifts exceeded 20 feet, and damaged their home to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Moving forward, the Casper city officials are building temporary walls of snow, to prevent more drifts.  However, many residents are concerned about flooding come spring time.  People along Boots Drive are urging their Home Owners Association for Assistance, but some say they're feeling ignored.