K2 Athlete of the Month: Kristy Dick

The Natrona County Fillies are on a 7 game winning streak. Some part of that success is due to junior forward Kristy Dick. She performs on the court and in the classroom.

She has one more year left before college, but has a funny way of explaining what her career may lead to. K2's Megan Salle has our athlete of the month.

Natrona County's Kristy Dick pulls down more rebounds than anyone in the 4A West. Throw in a few blocks every game to lead that catorgry too.

Besides her stat line she always imagined herself as a captain.

"I've always wanted to be a good leader and somebody that people would want to follow, not because I'm the best basketball player on the court, but because I care about each and every one of my teammates," Dick said.

"She's one of the best leaders I've been around," Coach Doug Diehl said. "She's just one of those kids who lead by example, works awful hard, a good kid so kids naturally gravitate toward her."

"The fact that I have a support system from my family, my coaches, even from my teammates really. It tells me that you can get the next step, you can do this," Dick said.

Kristy is all about sports, but she admits "bookworm" describes her too and wants kids to look up to that.

"That they don't just look up to the sports aspect of it, they look up to being a good student," Dick said. "You don't have to be just a student or an athlete, you can be both."

And while she likes to travel, her career plans could be a doctor.

Cutting people open and the guts and all of that. Ah! I don't do good with that. People get bloody noses in practice and I'm like I'm going to go take a break and get a drink of water. You can fix that and I'll come back," Dick said.

Ok so maybe not a surgeon, but...

"Genetics. Stuff like that, that's something I'm really interested in."

Kristy Dick helped the fillies start 5 and oh in conference play so far this season...I'm megan salle reporting in casper for k2 sports.