Bar Nunn Home Invasion

Submitted by: Matthew Seedorff,, Feb. 9 2017

Two people in their forties are behind bars Thursday night, while two other people recover from injuries.  According to the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, officials responded to reports of a "prowler" around 10:30 PM Wednesday night along Bar Nunn's Bel Vista Drive.

Reports indicate, the situation began on Wednesday after a male in his forties allegedly forced his way into an elderly couple's home.  Sources say the couple was attacked, but one of them managed to escape calling for help.  When authorities arrived, the couple was transported to the hospital, and a standoff with the alleged suspects began.  The Sheriff's Office says, "There's no known connection between the victim and the suspects, other then that they were neighbors."

Witnesses report hearing negotiations and "loud bangs" throughout the early morning hours on Thursday. Around 9 AM, the situation had concluded, and 2 people had been taken into custody by the Natrona County Special Response Team.

This is still a developing situation, we will keep you updated as we learn more information.