Ridgeview/Cole Creek Fire Spares Homes

K2's Ophelia Young reports, oyoung@k2tv.com: 

The Cole Creek/Ridgeview fires charred 150 acres, but it spared all homes. 

Neighbors say it looked like a bomb dropped as lightning hit the grassland. 

Timing was perfect for a fast moving fire--thunderstorm winds rushed in just minutes after fire ignited.  Pretty soon, the wind-fueled flames whipped at the fences of five homes. 

Residents came out to help put out the fire and protect each others homes.  Because of community effort, the flames were smothered in about two hours. 

The five homes remained safe and sound. Only minor structures were lost.  The fire only spanned a few acres, but fire officials say its proximity to homes makes it one of the more dangerous fires this summer.