Hundreds of Vases Stolen From Cemetery

Submitted by: Matthew Seedorff, April 17th, 2017

Authorities tell K2TV that "hundreds" of bronze vases have been stolen from the Natrona Memorial Gardens Cemetery, located along West Yellowstone Highway.  The vases are worth between $300 and $800 each.  The Sheriff's Department says they've recovered about 29 hundred pounds of the metal up for sale, worth an estimated $150,000.  Officials became aware of the crime, after a local recycling company came forward with suspicions.  

As of Monday evening no arrests have been made.  We urge individuals to check their loved one's burial location, to see if they've been impacted.  If you have been burglarized, don't hesitate to inform the Natrona County Sheriff's Department.  Authorities hope some of the vases will be returned, however many of them were cut into pieces to be sold, by whoever is responsible.