04/19/17 Deals & Steals

Submitted by: Krystal Story

This week's Deals & Steals are perfect for Spring/Early Mother Day Gifts!

Marvel Floral Art: 25% off any mixed flower bouquet over $50.00

The Science Zone: Buy one family membership, GET ONE FREE!

$75.00 gets you two Science Zone memberships, one for you, and one for your friends, or grandparents. Science Zone membership gets you access all year long to the Science Zone museum. And, huge discounts on afterschool clubs, and summer camps! Sign ups are happening now!

Merry Peddler: Wusthof “Classic” German Knives

Santuko Hollow Edge 5” Regular Price: $99.99/Sale: $59.99

Super Slicer 5” Regular: $79.99/ Sale $39.99

Paring Knife 3.5 Regular $49.99/ Sale:34.99

Floral Rhino: 25% Off all Purses and Totes

Wyoming Shirt & Gift: 20% off Eclipse shirts/Regular Price $11.00-$22.00