Construction on Casper Roads

Casper, Wyoming - City road crews will dispatch Monday to begin the month long preparation project as they begin to repair concrete and asphalt. The affected roads will be in a few places in Casper, most notably is the stretch of 15th street from Wyoming Boulevard to McKinley street.

15th street, one of Casper's most popular routes across town,  will be a sea of orange starting city crews begin a major project...that could take months....

"Included in that project is McKinley street from 15th down to 2nd and Casper Mountain road between 15th to the city limits," Said Shad Rodgers, Casper's street and traffic manager.

The project is meant to do some miscellaneous concrete and asphalt repairs to prepare the roads for an August chip seal project. City traffic engineers are telling saying the repairs are aimed at extending the life of the street for another 8-10 years.

Ryan Swearingen, travels 15th street every day said "I think they need to fix it the first time so they don't have to keep doing it every year, but if this is going to help prevent from having to do it for another 8-10 years and it's actually going to work; I'm good with it."

Rodgers said the road isn't bad enough to require a full reconstruction, it just needs a little help to keep it going. There's going to be some lane changes but Rodgers says there will be plenty of roadside information to get commuters on their way.

"Hopefully just doing a little lane restrictions throughout the stretch, you may see a couple spots where we may close down a lane," He said, "but for the most part we'll have plenty of signs out for everybody to know which way we want them to go."

For now, taking 12th street is one way to avoid the mess, or the highway. Everyone has their own shortcut.

"Well if it comes to taking outer drive to get to the west side and its going to be a little hard because of the lane closures, I'd say take the highway, get out to poplar that way and then you can get to mills," Said Swearingen.

Shad Rodgers said the project is supposed to wrap up mid-July as the chip seal project is set to begin in August.