The Pony Express Reenactment Rides Through Casper

Casper, Wyoming - Casper residents saddled up for yet another ride in memorial of The Pony Express. The 10 day 2,000 mile ride started in Missouri and extends to California. The Pony Express, the 19 month long mail delivery service was beat out by the invention of the telegraph, but residents and history enthusiasts across the mid-west are keeping the memory alive as they ride relay style down the path once took by the 19th century mail men.

Les Bennington the Wyoming Division President of the National Pony Express Association says the goal is to keep the pony express memory alive and well. "We're promoting the pony express national historic trail and we were fortunate enough to get it designated as a national historic trail back in 1992," He said.

It took riders 10 days to ride the 2000 mile trail back when it was established. Bennington says the group is making great time to finish in the historical 10 days. People from all age groups have chosen to participate in the ride.

15 year old Anna Carpenter and her horse King are taking part in their second pony express re-ride. "I started because I love horses," said Carpenter. "But as I learned more about the pony express It became more interesting to me; I got into it because its such a short period of time in our history."

Spectators gathered at the national trails center to witness the reenactment of the historical horse ride. The ride is set to wrap up on the 15th with the riders reaching Sacramento California.