New Juvenile Detention Center

K2's Ophelia Young reports, 

After a year of construction, Natrona County's new juvenile detention center is about ready to open. 

Juvenile offenders are currently housed in the 3rd floor of the Hall of Justice, which is actually an abandoned adult jail. 

With no outdoor area, and room for only a small education program, the Natrona County Sheriff says they need a bigger place to better help juvenile offenders rehabilitate. 

This new building will comfortably house 24 juvenile offenders. 

Construction cost 10 million dollars of federal stimulus money. 

At 30,000 square feet, the new center will have space for a larger education program, an outdoor gym and a medical component. 

Workers today put on the finishing touches such as laying out the parking lot.  

After the interior is furnished and detention center employees are trained, the center will be open for use mid- to late October.