Another Successful Nic Fest for Vendors

Casper, Wyoming -
Another year...another Nic Fest. The 12th festival wrapped up Sunday with stragglers coming in to witness the buzz. This may be the end of the festivities for the public but the vendors are already looking towards next year.

As Nic Fest comes to an end, residents are getting the last taste of the excitement, but for the vendors; It's just another successful year. Unless you're Western Skies Kettle Corn. Then you're closing out the first of hopefully many more Nic Fest's to come.

"It's been a great first time that we've been here. Crowds have been great, people are very friendly here," said Shann Johnson of Western Skies Kettle Corn. The company has 8 years experience with the sound of jumping kernels. Johnson said he's seen repeat customers. Some that come 2 or 3 times a day to buy more of the salty sweet treat. Western Skies pops the corn right on the spot to keep things fresh and puts on a bit of a show.

But one thing that is hard to do on the beer. Jay Hillhouse of Teton Distributors says this is their 4th Nic Fest, complete with a broad beer selection.

"What I try to do is when we do an event like this, I call it the rainbow of beer," Hillhouse said. "Anything that does straight from the light beers, to the medium dark beers, to IPA's, which are probably the most popular right now. And some stouts every once in a while."

Hillhouse said once a vendor participates in the festival for a while, they begin to find out what works and what doesn't. This year, Teton added another beverage to their selection for folks who don't like beer. Brand new to the Casper area...A malt based moonshine.

"I tell you what. They're so fun. You got painted faces..I mean this is a great event," said Hillhouse

Both Hillhouse and Johnson had a successful year with hopefully many more to come.

Johnson said, "We'd love to come back next year. Year after that. We do bear trap up here. Riverfest also, Its just a good family community up here."