Listeria Linked to Southern Colorado Cantaloupes

Colorado health officials are warning people over 60, or those with chronic health problems not to eat "Rocky Ford" cantaloupes from the southern part of that state.  
Four people in Colorado and New Mexico have died from an outbreak of listeria linked to cantaloupes from that area.  State health officials say they are doing more tests to try and further pinpoint where the tainted fruit came from.
K2 News checked with the major grocery chains in both Casper and Cheyenne to see if they had any "Rocky Ford" cantaloupes. Wal-mart in both cities did, but has taken them off the shelves. Safeway and King Soopers in Cheyenne has also removed them. Safeway and Smith's Casper both did not have them. Albertsons in Casper and Cheyenne do not carry cantaloupes from colorado.