CNFR Athletes Face Wyoming Tornadoes

Submitted: June 14th, 2017

By, Aaron Groff

Bulls, Broncs, and bad weather.

(McKenna Brown, Texas A&M): "Looked up and the clouds were kind of circling a little bit." 

The College National Finals Rodeo - The highest level of competition was greeted by a night of high threatening severe storms.

(Leia Pluemer, UNLV): "Didn't know what to expect."
(Quincy Segelke, Gillette College) "Just try try to focus on the rodeo."

The National Weather Service tells us 13 tornadoes were reported across the state, including in and around the Casper-area.

(Garrett Uptain, Sheridan College): "I didn't think it was that close. Seem a ways away."

They did get the phone alert. Tornado warning. Get indoors.

(McKenna Brown)"We went to the concrete bathrooms, and kind of stayed there."

There alert fazing some more than others. There are no tornadoes in New Mexico. 

(Leia Pluemer) "A friend of mine rodeos in Oklahoma and she's like this is nothing compared to what we have in Oklahoma, so it made me feel a little better."

But for others, it was just another day. 

(Garrett Uptain)"I never thought it was going to hit here so I wasn't worried."
(Quincy Segelke)"I've been to rodeos where there have been tornado watches and warnings. We actually had some at state championships in high school."

All of them, not just concerned for their safety. Their horses are out in trailers, often exposed to the elements when disaster strikes without much warning. 

(McKenna Brown)"I took my horses back to the barn and the wind was rattling the tin on top of the roofs."
(Leia Pluemer) "If a tornado comes through it can tip that whole barn off and take all those horses with us."

There are no reports of any athletes or animals injured.