Assault Suspect Behind Bars

Casper, Wyoming - Police responded to an assault on 2nd street and Jefferson as a man who was just released on bond was arrested on a number of charges.

Police say that Michael Ross got into an argument with his wife after he allegedly found explicit text messages between her and an old friend from Washington. According to authorities, Ross than accused his wife of cheating on him while he was in jail. Ross' wife explained that the messages were a joke and it was all a misunderstanding. Authorities go on to say that's when Ross became angry and allegedly got into a fight and strangled his wife. Investigators tell us the victim had a number of injuries including bruising and broken bones.

Anonymous sources said that the victim and a friend made their way to a gas station where they called 911.
Eye witnesses to the aftermath, who wish not to be named say police responded to the location and spoke with the victim for an hour before arresting Michael Ross. According to the police report, Ross was arrested on charges of strangulation of a household member, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment.

Sargent Mike Odgen with Casper Police said "According to the investigation he held her against her will, and she wasn't allowed to leave."

The police report goes on to say that the victim was brought to the ER and was later admitted for observation. Authorities state the investigation is still ongoing.