Cowboy in Critical Condition

Casper, Wyoming - A bull rider is in critical condition tonight after he was thrown from the bull causing severe internal injuries. The rider is showing signs of recovery but how he got away is miraculous considering the force of the impact.
Odessa College athlete, Brady Gray has sustained broken bones and collapsed lungs by a bull in his last ride of Thursday night. However he managed to get out of the arena without sustaining further injuries.

Many eyes were on Brady Gray as he tried to cover his first bull of CNFR. Gray was riding the back of Levi the Boss who has also done the professional circuit. After about 3 seconds he was thrown off and landed on the ground. In a blink of an eye the bull stomped down on Gray with upwards of 1500 pounds of force.

Chad Smidt  an athletic trainer at CNFR describes the accident. "[Gray was] Bucked off his bull, came off in a bad position. Bull came down with both back feet and caught him right in the chest and caused substantial injury to him."

Levi the bull is quite a fierce bull, As of 2016 he bucked off 72 percent of riders, and Gray was no different. But Miraculously, Gray managed to get up and himself into the bucking shoots unaware of the extent of his injuries. According to Chad Smit, medical staff responded quickly.

"They were on the scene really quick and then we got him ready for transport," He said.

Rodeo Coach for Odessa College, C.J. Aragon, was quoted by the Casper Star Tribune as saying that Gray had no pulse upon arrival to the hospital and he had broken ribs as well as collapsed lungs. Chad Smit says Gray was brought into surgery for his injuries. Susan Kanode, the media coordinator with CNFR says Gray is out of surgery but is still in critical condition.