Oil Sheen Investigation Continues

Investigation continues for the oil sheens that are still surfacing on the North Platte River. 

And BP and the the DEQ are facing some hurdles. 

One of them is getting past ten years change to remediate this at least once oil-polluted field. 

Officials have built the Three Crowns Golf course, a business park, and they've planted about 2000 trees.  If the source of this oil leak lies under any of those, it's going to be hard to peg. 

This summer BP installed monitoring wells along the river bank; one tested positive for oil. 

The DEQ says BP will continue to monitor wells in that area.  Meanwhile, the DEQ assures the public that drinking water remains safe and the sheens pose little or no environmental threat.  However, they say tracking down the source is very important in the case that these sheens do get larger. 

BP inspectors are preparing a report they'll submit to the DEQ in October.