Coaches React to Coach-Umpire Fight

Casper, Wyoming- You are looking at  a picture posted on Facebook, reportedly taken the  night coach Chris Magrum of Casper Youth Baseball allegedly lost his cool. According to police was ordered off the field several times only to return and aggressively approach the game's umpire.


Sgt Joey Wilhelm with the Casper Police Department said “There was an individual that pushed one of the umpires and they were arguing over calls.”


The police report goes on to say that the umpire fearing for his safety pushed Magrum with his hand. Attempts to talk the umpire  were unsuccessful as he told us Casper Youth Baseball didn't want him to talk to anyone. But the issue hasn't gone away..on the internet  where there's been  plenty of discussion


Sean Olsen a coach with the league said, “It’s easy to sit behind a computer and write a message, write a comment about something that they didn't see what happened.”


Many of the called the coach's actions unprofessional. One comment states that the situation with Magrum "gives good coaches who care about coaching a bad name".


“The umps are young, a lot of them are young, a lot of them are still in high school and learning how to umpire,” said Olsen. “I don't think one coach's actions are a reflection on everyone's attitude towards the umpires.”


No one denies that little league games can get passionate. But for some, there's a point in which things can go overboard


Phillip Monroe too a coach with the league said that there’s a huge role for coaches to play.


“We're here to be leaders, lead by example for these kids. and you never want to see any of that.”


And this week it happened again. At an unrelated game of Casper Youth Baseball, another argument and another call to police. The game was over when authorities arrived and no arrests were made.


“There's definitely a second chance opportunity here for him to make amends for what he had done,” said Olsen.