The Historic Rialto Gets a Facelift

Casper, Wyoming - The historic Rialto Theater in Downtown Casper is getting a "facelift" after opening almost 100 years ago. Over the last month it has been receiving a new look, one that will shine a new light into the city.


If you've driven by the rialto, you have probably seen the orange machine taking edwin cozzie up and down from the sign over the last three weeks. This piece of history is getting a new look as Cozzie prepares it for an update.


“It's gonna look really nice. The color scheme, i haven't really seen it but it's gonna be silver-ish i guess,” said Cozzie. “I'm not sure, but it's gonna look really nice once it gets done.”


Since Cozzie started the project, there has been lots of sanding and scraping to get the sign ready for paint. The Rialto sign hasn't been changed much since the theater was built in 1921, but Cozzie said that he’s receiving an experience that not many people get to have.


“That's really cool, because being way up there, not many people get to go up that besides the people that did the maintenance on it or the originals. so being up there was really interesting too. also you get a good view that a lot of people don't get to get,” said Cozzie.


Randy Pryde, the owner of the Rialto, says since they acquired the theater in 1988, they have been maintaining and updating it. But with this project, he says, the sign's night time presence won’t change.


As far as the way it looks at night, it should be very very much the same, it'll just be operational now instead of constantly failing on us,” said Pryde


Pryde also said the process of repainting and rewiring is very extensive and he's hoping to wrap it up by the end of the summer. As for Cozzie, this opportunity is more than just a job, it’s adding to the Rialto narrative.


“It is a part of history big time and looking back at the pictures and what not in the books it makes it really special,” said Cozzie.