Parking Gets Tricky in Downtown Casper

Casper, Wyoming - Parking in downtown, like a game of chess; it can be a challenge to find the right spot. Whether on 2nd Street or any adjacent roads, parking fills up fast and it take can a short time to find an open spot.


“About 5 minutes going back and forth around,” said Jeffrey Garner


or...even longer.


“Well probably at least 10 minutes as I've been circling around trying to find a spot,” said Tim Stubson.


Like any larger city, there is a call to help the parking situation. In Casper, that help came in the form of a parking garage.


Ray Pacheco, member of Casper city council said, “We have a great asset in that parking garage and I think it needs to be better utilized and it would help out in that parking situation downtown.”


“I think the city does all it can with the parking garage that they have,” said Stubson, “but it's always a challenge when you get people crowded into downtown.”


There may be plenty of available spots early on, but as we roll into the summer months, these spots will become far and few between.

During the peak of tourism in Casper, the lack of parking can even disrupt daily life.


“If we're off loading groceries, we have to find a place that's close by…,” said Garner. “...Yeah sometimes it is, when it's filled up.”


In a recent city council meeting, a non-scientific study of downtown's parking availability was commissioned which could lead to more parking solutions in the future.