Updates On SUV And Pole Collision

Casper, Wyoming - Investigators are awaiting a toxicology report for a blood alcohol level for a driver that drove his vehicle into light pole Saturday night. Twisted metal and shattered glass were scattered along the sidewalk as police responded.


Casper Police say they suspect alcohol was involved in Saturday's one vehicle accident along Mckinley. The driver, 29 year old Michael Rocco managed to plow his truck into a light pole. Rocco blamed his new tires and rims for the crash. Authorities are alleging that the driver may have been intoxicated.


According to the police report, Rocco was turning left onto Mckinley Street from the west 5th Street entrance. He told police that once he started turning he didn't stop. He had looped around the intersection striking a light pole at a rate of speed of what he says was about 10 miles per hour. Which incidentally is enough force to knock the light down.


Witnesses say they never heard the driver applying his brakes, instead they told k2 that they thought it sounded more like Michael Rocco was accelerating as he headed for light pole.   Witnesses went on to say the driver appeared as if he wanted to leave the scene before officers arrived. Investigators say the light pole was embedded more than a foot into the car. Police tell us when they did arrive, Rocco appeared to have bloodshot eyes and his speech was slow and deliberate


“The officer did find some signs of impairment and the driver was arrested for driving under the influence,” said Sgt Mike Ogden with the Casper Police Department


Rocco refused a breathalyzer test. He was later given a blood alcohol test at the police station, where he was charged with one count of driving under the influence.