Downtown's Parking Struggle

Some say parking is one of the most biggest issues of Downtown Casper parking. Tonight Casper Area Planners are about to spend 80,000 dollars to fix it. We went to the experts, Casper residents, to weigh on the decision.

Casper's downtown parking...sometimes gets complaints.

“I know that parking is a big downfall for downtown and a lot of people don't come to downtown casper because they can't find any parking spots ever,” said resident Makenzie Rothfuss.

And to be fair, downtown should have this problem all the time.  Part of the issue is that shoppers here often overlook the parking garage along Center Street. We drove to the top  between 10 and 11 am Thursday, and there were plenty of spots available. Most of the parking study will be funded by the Federal Highway Administration, which aims to study our growth patterns and give us some innovative parking solutions.

“I think it's really necessary especially with the new things coming in down here, parking is going to start being a real issue down here,” said Robin & Steve Grussendorf. “I think it's money well spent in my opinion.”

“Casperites though, like to pull up to the curb and step on in and that's hard to do,” said Dana Deuel.

Indeed Casperites have been used to the convenience of downtown

and many here like the street parking. It's free, but then so is the garage.

“Depending on the one way streets and everything that the parking garage is a killer option.

but it depends on which side of downtown you're going,” said Kendall Koschene. “It's nice to park outside closer to somewhere you're eating or shopping rather than have to walk especially during the winter.”

As casper's economic recovery continues, with the eclipse, oil and beyond, some are hoping the growth will be sustainable and the parking will stay convenient.