Plea Changes for Bedsaul

Casper, Wyoming - When Brandtly Bedsaul first appeared in court last fall our cameras captured him in tears. Today, without cameras allowed in the courtroom he appeared much older, his head shaved, remorseful but no tears. Friday he admitted in court to charges of raping  a minor attempted murder. the victim, a four year old.

We had bruising behind the ears. We had bruising on the trachea. We had bruised blood vessels in the eyelids,” said District Attorney Michael Blonigen

District Attorney Blonigan recommended that Bedsaul serve 60 years to life for the charge of attempted murder in the second degree and 40 to 50 years for his charge of sexual abuse of a minor in the first degree. Blonigan recommending the sentences be served consecutively.

“Had we gone to trial, we were going to seek a life sentence.,” said Blonigen, “but this basically does the same thing. and that was our basic goal, is to isolate him for that extended period of time.”

Bedsaul who was 19 at the time, was on his way to graduating high school.

“He was fine until his mom passed, then everything kind of went downhill. [he] started doing some not so good stuff,” said an unnamed source.

Family members of the victim caught Bedsaul  at the residence with his pants down and his hands around the victim’s neck. The victim’s father, managing to wrestle bedsaul to the ground as police and EMS arrived. Bedsaul was later  taken to jail, while the victim was rushed to the hospital.

Bedsaul will be sentenced at a later date....he could be facing 100 years in jail.