Run To The Wyoming Wall Ride

Casper, Wyoming - Over 50 riders from the Vietnam Vets and Legacy Vets Motorcycle Clubs gathered at the VFW Saturday morning to start the Run To The Wyoming Wall Ride. This ride, in its 27th year, has seen supporters from all around. Montana to the Dakotas. Wyoming to Colorado. One rider even made a 2 day trek from New York to show their support.

cg: uncle leo / chaplain - vietnam vets m.c.

Well our club is a brotherhood. Our basic theme is love, respect, and brotherhood for one another,” said Uncle Leo, the Chaplain for the club. “You have this affection to the brotherhood and one another that we felt in the military. Especially when our backs we against the wall and we counted on each other to watch each other's backs.”

Uncle Leo has been part of the event for 14 years and he says this year one of the group's former members will be receiving one last ride.

“I don't know what to say. I get a little choked up sometimes. This years theme is for one our best supporters and associates that this area ever had, Brian Scott. He's always in our hearts and he was a friend of mine. we miss him dearly,” said Uncle Leo.

Brian Scott recently passed away, but his unconditional support for the clubs helped him complete what Big E says is a hard task to do.

cg: big e / wy president - vietnam vets m.c.

“Brian Scott, he never did serve in the military, but he did enough for the club that we made him an honorary brother,” said Big E, the Wyoming President for the Vietnam Vets M.C. “It's way tougher to become an honorary brother than an actual guy that served in the military. You have to go through that much more stuff.”

Uncle Leo says that Scott’s character was a positive force within the clubs.

“I miss him. We all do. It wasn't the fact that he did a lot for us. He was just a hell of a guy. Very personable, very likeable. He had that way about him. As soon as you met the guy, you liked him. And he would take care of you,” said Uncle Leo.