Casper Man Transports Daughter While Intoxicated

Casper, Wyoming - Casper Police say they pulled over Wesley Taylor at the corner of East 12th and South Jefferson after 10pm sunday night for a blown headlight. But after they allegedly smelled marijuana, they searched taylor's vehicle.

“The officer did notice an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” said Sgt Mike Ogden with the Caper Police Department.

In the police report, Taylor allegedly confessed to drinking a 6 pack of beer at a bbq and smoking a little pot. Authorities tell us they later found marijuana and an open container in the car.

“When they were checking the vehicle, officers did find a container containing marijuana and also an open container of beer inside the vehicle,” said Sgt Ogden.

The police report goes on to say that the Department of Family Services was brought in by officers as to transfer the 16 year old passenger to the custody of her mother.

cg: paul fritzler / department of family services


“Once we arrive on scene and talking to law enforcement, getting the story, if it’s an immediate response typically then we assess the safety of the child,” said Paul Fritzler District Manager of the Department of Family Services. “Make sure is this person at the moment a safe caretaker. If not then what we will do is work with law enforcement to find a relative.”

Taylor was taken to jail on a number of charges..including  what police say is his third dui, child endangerment, open container, and possession of a controlled substance. Investigators say they are awaiting a blood test on Taylor to get a more accurate count on just how impaired he might have been behind the wheel.