They Served With Honor

Casper, Wyoming - Just over 90 Vietnam Vets gathered at the airport in celebration of a book published by the Casper Star Tribune...this book...a collection of Vietnam Veterans' stories helped place many veterans who may not know each other in a room to honor one another for their heroics.

“Every single Vietnam Vet, every single warrior regardless of the conflict has their story,” said Frank Alvarado a Vietnam Vet enlisted in the Marine Corps. “And we go to sleep with those at night. and we dream of that at night. the nightmares are still there. it never goes away.>

Frank Alvarado, like a hundred other Vietnam Vets of Wyoming had their stories told in the Casper Star Tribune...and eventually this book titled: They Served With Honor, Stories From Wyoming Vietnam Veterans.

“I didn't want to discuss it. I thought about it for about three weeks. and then doing what I do in my work, and my wife being a school teacher, one day she said 'you know, you gotta tell your story',and I did it because my daughter never asked.” said Alvarado

This project was 2 years in the making and resulted in a gathering of most of the veterans featured in the book and their families.

“And to also put a face on the vietnam veteran,” said Dale Bohren with the Casper Star Tribune, “Because the Veterans Commission told us that there were 16,000 Vietnam Veterans in wyoming; but I dare you to name a few. Most people can't.”

Bohren said that there are many different stories each individual has...but for Frank Alvarado, his story could connect to them all.

“I look at these gentlemen and I tell myself. Self, I wonder if I flew them in. I wonder if I flew them out and that's what’s hard.” said Alvarado, holding back tears. “You wonder if you could have done more.”

Though these stories may have floated through the pages of the tribune, it captivated many readers from all over the state.

“Each of these heroes who we honor and recognize today, are profoundly important in the fabric not only of wyoming but of our entire country,” said Secretary of State Ed Murray.

Bohren said the event is to give thanks to these vets. But to some, like Frank, it’s a time to shake hands, and say welcome home.